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Liturgical Ministries

ALTAR SERVER – Being an Altar Server is a liturgical function, therefore one must be a baptized and Eucharistic Catholic. An Altar Server provides support tasks as part of the Mass; carry the cross, candle bearer, tend to burning incense, carry the cross, hold the book of the prayers (the Roman Missal), ringing the altar bells, help prepare the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, and other tasks to serve the priest and laypeople. Coordinators: Children - Dodi Fontenot (337-257-2941) and Adults - Doug Romero (337- 772-8442).

COME LORD JESUS – This program is a complete study of the Sunday readings including the Gospels, New and Old Testament readings. As a faith formation program that creates an atmosphere of prayer and helps to develop understanding of Sacred Scripture and its power in today’s world especially through the Church. Groups within St. Theresa Parish: Wednesday, 7:00pm, Church Library (Spanish) - Leader/ Cristina LeBlanc (337-261-5543); Tuesday, 1:30 pm - Leader/Laura Lee Domingue (337-652-4698); Wednesday, 9:00 am - Leader/ Lynn Bares (337-937-5942); Wednesday, 9:30 am - Leader/ Becky Moss (337-280-3435); Sunday, 6:30 pm - Leader/Carolyn Trahan (337-254-947). Additional groups are available in the surrounding area. For contact information, call Come Lord Jesus Office at 337-233-6277 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

DECORATIONS – Interior decorators, plant lovers/gardeners, floral arrangers, etc that can help prepare the sacred space in our church for the various liturgical seasons (Easter and Christmas) and other special liturgies.

EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION – Assist with distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass and special liturgical celebrations. Coordinator: Laurie Lee Domingue (337-652-4698).

LADIES ALTAR SOCIETY – In a group friendship, supporting a love for the house of God by cleaning the church and linens, and caring for the immediate needs of the Altar for celebration of the Eucharist. Contact: Faye Broussard (337-893-8637).

MUSIC MINISTRY – The Music Minister leads and enriches Mass, through music, at a weekend Mass and other special celebrations.

READER/LECTOR – “Proclaims the sacred Word of God” during Mass and special liturgies by reading the scripture. They also share announcements and intentions pre-prepared by the Church staff.

SACRISTAN – A Sacristan is responsible for setting up for both Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist which means caring and preparing the books, vessels, linens, and incense when needed. Once the mass has ended, the Sacristan cleans and stores materials that were used. The Sacristan is responsible for assuring proper treatment of the Sacred Body and Blood during and after Mass. The Sacristan also assists the priest with whatever details/duties he needs, including verifying that all altar servers, readers, and Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers are ready for the Mass. Coordinator: Dean Broussard (337-893-2062).

USHERS – The role of the Usher is to greet and welcome, assist in seating, collect the offerings, pass out bulletins and prepare the worship space for the next Mass. Coordinator: Clarence Taylor (337-893-8837).